12 Beautiful Summer Jewellery Designs

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12 Jewellery style designs specially curated from our elegant range of jewellery just for you! 

Bright colours are always a summer favourite. They are a great way to add vibrance and fun to your summer look. They can amp up a neutral outfit or add more layers to a look that’s already colourful.

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The Best Necklace Length

If you are looking for the perfect silver necklace to add to your office jewellery collection, then consider what you normally wear to work.

If you are wearing blouses or tops you should aim for a necklace that begins above the neckline so as not to get your jewellery tangled in your buttons, or make that area appear to busy. Short pendants, as well as larger, wider pieces can work well above the neckline.

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How To Choose Pearl Jewellery

Whether you’re looking for freshwater pearl earrings or a pretty pearl necklace for your bridesmaid, it’s worth learning how to choose this beautiful stone before you go shopping.

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On Trend: Mixed Metals

If you are aware of Toko Jewellery’s gold vermeil jewellery then you should be interested to hear about the mixed metal trend.

The latest Augment collection demonstrates how well silver, fold and rose gold goes together. They work together to make previously classic looks take on a modern twist. 

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Seeing Stars: Jewellery Trends

The sky as inspiration for jewellery designers is certainly not a new concept and it's one of those trends that simply will never die. There are always going to be starry accessories out there for you all to try on and look celestial in, and that's something that we welcome here at Toko Jewellery - stars look beautiful on anyone and can make everyone shine.

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Do TV Shows Influence Jewellery Trends?

If recent fashion shows are anything to judge by, our range of gold vermeil jewellery is set to be a must-have for another season. Interestingly, the Guardian has spotted a trend among the haute couture collections for designs influenced by the costumes of cult TV show Game Of Thrones, including some in the field of jewellery. But do you think fashion can really takes its cue from something so fantastical?

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8 Exciting Ways To Display Jewellery

If you're something of an accessory junky, you need to make sure your jewellery is shown off to the full rather than hidden away in a jewellery box, sat there just waiting to be admired. Put your gold vermeil jewellery out on show instead - here are eight fabulous ways to do just that. Which of these is your favourite?

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How To Choose Bridesmaids’ Jewellery

Getting married is tricky business – there’s so much to think about and sort out. You may not even have had time to think about what kind of bridesmaids’ earrings you’re going to get. And if that’s the case, here’s our handy guide to ensure you pick the right ones that all your friends will love.

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Gem Up: The Meaning Of Amethyst

If you’re looking for a present (either for yourself or some other lucky person) and are mulling over some amethyst jewellery, first of all, good choice. Secondly, you might want to get to know this particular gemstone a little bit better so you can wax lyrical about it to whoever you’re giving the gift to.

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What Is Cubic Zirconia?

If you’ve been looking at our cubic zircona jewellery and are wondering just what the gemstone actually is, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it looks rather like a diamond.

 In fact, cubic zirconia is a diamond substitute, also referred to as CZ, that has been made in a laboratory and is typically heavier than a diamond of the same size would be. It can be cut in much the same way as a diamond would be so you can find it in all sorts of popular shapes.

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