Trend Watching: Rose Gold

If you’re a jewellery buff, you’ll have no doubt already spotted that rose gold is really having a moment right now – something we’ve seen first-hand in the amount of you who have been loving our gorgeous rose gold vermeil jewellery. It’s been the metallic texture of choice for everything from shoes to bags, but it’s in the jewellery accessories that rose gold has really been brought back to our collective fashion consciousness.


Whether you’ve invested in a few pieces already or are yet to jump aboard the bandwagon, the good news is that the trend isn’t going anywhere – rose gold is one of those classic looks after all. It was as much-loved by the Victorians as it is by us today - however, times have definitely changed when it comes to style. Our range of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings take influence from contemporary styles over more traditional rose gold designs – meaning you’re investing in great, wearable and on-trend pieces.

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All in all, it means it’s the perfect time to trade up any costume jewellery you’ve picked up from the high street while you’ve put the trend to the test for something of quality, permanence and sentiment. Our popular rose gold vermeil collection is a beautiful alloy of gold and silver given a signature warm tone, bringing affordability into the mix in a way you can only find in a vermeil. 

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Keep an eye out on our blog for even more trends and style advice too, as there are plenty of our rose gold necklaces and more which hit this year’s jewellery trends in more way than one.  

Officially Summer

Summer is officially here! The English weather may be a little late on the update, but your jewellery doesn’t have to be. Our collection of natural stones radiates sunshine and swimming pools.




Whether you take yourself to Mediterranean shores with our Amazonite range, or channel the vibrant streets of Morocco through our Carnelian pieces, you can find your Summer in Toko.


Father's Day

Fathers. They are the heroes of our childhood and the gentle guardians of our adult lives. A father may not be the first to wear his heart on his sleeve, but his love is one that needs few words. In his smile, linger a thousand memories. In his eyes, lie pride and protection. Sometimes a simple squeeze of your hand is warmth enough.



Place your heart on his sleeve this Father’s Day. 


How To Care For Freshwater Pearls

There’s something so classic and appealing about a freshwater pearl necklace – if there’s one in your jewellery box, then you’re a lucky lady indeed. But you do need to treat your pearls with a bit of tender loving care if they’re to stand the test of time. Here’s how to go about it.

Pearls are particularly delicate and fragile so you do need to be more careful with them than you might with other accessories you have. Whatever you do, don’t keep them in your jewellery box alongside your other necklaces, rings and bracelets as they can be scratched very easily.

Store them in a soft bag and keep them out of your jewellery box or find a special compartment for your pearls where no other accessories dare to tread.

You can help to keep your pearls looking beautiful by putting them on after spraying your perfume at your neck and putting your makeup on, although you will need to clean them from time to time as well.

Wipe them down with a soft cloth as soon as you take your jewellery off. You can also polish pearls up beautifully with some soap and water, but be careful not to use any detergents or anything that has ammonia in it.

With just a bit of attention every now and again, you can make sure that your freshwater cultured pearls stay every bit as beautiful as the day you bought them. Just take a bit of care and you’ll have jewellery that should last and that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Trend Alert: Art Deco Jewellery

Art Deco gold plaited bangles, earrings, bracelets and necklaces are where it’s at for the aspiring fashionista these days. It’s a style that never really goes out of fashion but thanks to the recent Leonardo DiCaprio movie The Great Gatsby, it’s come back with a real vengeance in the last few years – a fact we love here at Toko Jewellery!

The style is characterised by bold lines and geometric shapes that are superbly easy to wear and go perfectly with any outfit you’ve got on… so getting dressed is ridiculously easy, just what we need to hear when we’re rushing about getting ready for work at seven in the morning.

Another defining characteristic of Art Deco jewellery is the mixing and matching of different coloured gem stones, so if you’re keen to get the look for yourself keep an eye out for anything that matches this description.

Because these accessories can be so very striking, we’d advise that you do your best to keep the rest of your outfit simple and understated. You don’t want people to overlook your new necklace or pair of earrings, after all. If you’ve got the perfect silver brooch, pin it to an all-black ensemble so it stands out, or wear your big bold turquoise necklace over the top of a plain white shirt so people really notice it.

There’s no point in hiding your Art Deco jewellery under a bushel, after all – it’s time to let your inner 1920s goddess really shine so don’t be afraid. Go big, go bold and go brave this year.

Gem Up: The Beauty Of Turquoise

Jewellery shopping can be tricky – there are so many beautiful gem stones out there that picking out your accessories can take ages. Here’s why you might prefer to go for turquoise stone rings above other minerals out there at the moment.

An opaque, bluey-green stone, turquoise first arrived in Europe from Turkey (the word derives from the French ‘turques’, meaning ‘Turks’), and is one of the hardest stones out there which makes it absolutely perfect for jewellery since it can be worn a lot and still look like new.

It’s come to symbolise protection and wealth, as well as strength and sensitivity. It is often thought that if given to a friend, turquoise jewellery will protect the recipient and bring them good fortune so it’s the perfect symbol for everlasting friendship and would make a truly beautiful gift.

As to the actual colour of this particular stone, it’s believed that it can help relieve feelings of stress and tiredness, while gently invigorating the wearer and making them feel calm. It’s thought that it can inspire levels of sensitivity and creativity, while also encouraging inner healing as well.

Aside from jewellery, turquoise can be used in feng shui to express the water element and attract money and wealth, while helping to boost people’s health and wellbeing so why not bring it into your home as well as your jewellery box this year?

Do you love turquoise jewellery? What do you think is so special about it? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Augment Collection

Augment Collection

Here at Toko we are excited to announce the sneak peek of our new and exciting ‘Augment’ collection

Going live tomorrow! 

Au: Gold                    Ag: Silver

Au       Ag   

We have cleverly mixed and augmented the gold, silver and rose gold colours together to create a brand new statement collection.
Inspired by the creative and scientific minds behind Toko, the use of colours and elegant sleek designs create a modern touch to a classic look.




Available tomorrow in all Toko stores and online at


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Dont forget to follow us on Instagram @ tokojewellery

and Twitter @ tokojewellery

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Happy Easter





Summer Shades

Here at Toko we are ready for the Sun!

Speed up summer and feel warm with yellow and orange accessories to brighten up your mood. Team yellow earrings with your work suit, orange rings with that summer dress and layer bright pendants with those black clothes. 

You dont have to wait for that unpredicatable British sun anymore! 





Selections avaliable in store and online.


Time to get those shades out!







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